Stripverslagen van het IFFR 2011

Tijdens de (veer)tigste editie van het International Film Festival Rotterdam zal ik net als vorig jaar en een aantal jaren ervoor stripjes en illustraties over het festival publiceren.

Hello everybody! Welcome to Rotterdam! During the fourtieth edition of the International Filmfestival Rotterdam I will publish some illustrations and comics here!

Ik heb een oude foto van de tijger gevonden en daar een freecard van gemaakt die ik de komende dagen door Rotterdam zal verspreiden! Het is een verjaardagsgrapje, de tijger is 40 geworden, maar ik weet niet zeker of hij het kan waarderen…

I found an old photograph of the IFFR tiger and made a freecard out of it which I will be spreading around Rotterdam in the next couple of days. It’s a birthday joke, tiger turned 40 this year, but I’m not sure if he’s going to be happy with it…

1. Gee, 40! How much is that in tiger years? / ?

2. SMACK! / Haha!

3. How nice! An invitation?

4. HAHAHA! Did your three-year-old cousin draw this? HAHAHAHIHIHOEOEOEOE!

5. Oh, You made this?

6 .GRM.

1. What a vague film!

2. YEAH! Who’s idea was it to go and see this one! / Euh…

3. It’s not MY fault this film is so bad! / You know what I don’t understand? There are a lot of people in here that think this movie is AB-SO-LUTELY fantastic.

4. That’s probably because they’re alll wearing this insanely thick black spectacles!

5. (Yep, another joke about the black spectacles!) / OFF COURSE! That’s why they see more in this film than we do! It’s like 3-D!

1. We’ve got to get our hands on a pair of those glasses! It shouldn’t be too hard. Intellectuals are allowed to walk around unattended during the IFFR.


3. ROAR!

4. POW!

5. Huh!

6. Hey, can I try those on? / Sure. But be careful. They have progressive addition lenses. / WOW. (To be continued…)

1. (Suspenseful music) / Dare I?

2. Give that to me! It was my idea! / Snatch

3. HAHA! Now everything will reveal itself to me! Themes, motifs, THE INTENTIONS OF THE DIRECTOR!

4. Quick! I better go see one of those pretenious pieces of crap! HAHAHAWOEHAHA!


6. Yes… I can see it! Everything is suddenly… clear to me. Argh. / (AUTCH.)

1. Are you OK?

2. HUH!? Yes. Yes. Off course. Fabulous.

3. I’m just seeing a little…

4. Caleidoscopic? / WOW!

5. I think I’m receiving a TV-signal with this thing! Cool!

6. TV? / Hey! It’s Matthijs van Nieuwkerk*! “This is The world turns onnn!”** (To be continued…)

*A famous talkshowhost in The Netherlands.

** The show is called De wereld draait door, which literally means The world turns on – it’s an expression. I guess in English one would say As the world turns.

1. Matthijs? I think you are losing it. / This is fun!

2. I’m wondering who his guest will be tonight. I hope it’s not that horrible Yvon Jaspers*.

3. That’s weird.

4. It’s as if he’s coming closer!

5. MATTHIJS!? What are you doing in Rotterdam? / Eh. That’s Rutger Wolfson.

6. The director of the festival! / Ah. (To be continued…)

* Yvon Jaspers is a very famous TV “personality” in The Netherlands.

1. Director of the IFFR… Yes! I can see myself being director of the IFFR one day! / Really?

2. Sure! I mean drawing comics is OKAY you know, but eventually it gets really boring. I mean it’s more a hobby than a job. But DIRECTOR, thats… COOL! You’ve got status and averything.

3. Rutger… Can I call you Rutger? I think it’s time for me to make a big move. A Careermove! So my question to you is: when are you going to quit?

4. Yopu know what!? Why don’t you try it next year! / REALLY!?

5. No off course NOT!

6. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! / Funny! (The end?)