Nouvelle vague I & II

1. What a vague film!

2. YEAH! Who’s idea was it to go and see this one! / Euh…

3. It’s not MY fault this film is so bad! / You know what I don’t understand? There are a lot of people in here that think this movie is AB-SO-LUTELY fantastic.

4. That’s probably because they’re alll wearing this insanely thick black spectacles!

5. (Yep, another joke about the black spectacles!) / OFF COURSE! That’s why they see more in this film than we do! It’s like 3-D!

1. We’ve got to get our hands on a pair of those glasses! It shouldn’t be too hard. Intellectuals are allowed to walk around unattended during the IFFR.


3. ROAR!

4. POW!

5. Huh!

6. Hey, can I try those on? / Sure. But be careful. They have progressive addition lenses. / WOW. (To be continued…)